Sister Lucy is dedicated to my mom and grandma. They always said to keep a look simple, as not to distract from one's beauty. My shop & jewelry reflect that.

If I think back, Sister Lucy was started at my grandma's kitchen table with the two of us stringing pearl necklaces. She would tell stories, teach me some basic skills, and I would listen and learn. That was our special bond. I took those skills and creative ideas and relocated them to my beach chair in Hawaii.

Hawaii is a simple place. With little distractions, you can see the beauty in everything about Hawaii. That simplicity allows one to see how beautiful all the people, places, and things are in this paradise. That is exactly my jewelry aesthetic. I create pieces that enhance one's beauty and not distract from it. If you want more dimension of your jewelry, layer my pieces. My mom and grandma preached the same philosophy. No wonder Hawaii is the perfect place for me and Sister Lucy.

Thank you for viewing my jewelry and website.  If you are interested in purchasing any of these treasures or more, please visit my Etsy shop @  If carrying Sister Lucy Jewelry in your boutique is of your interest, please email me, Kristin, at  ALOHA!http://www.sisterlucy.etsy.commailto:kristin_drost@yahoo.comshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1